Satisfactory Dedicated Server: Setup & Requirements

If you’re an avid fan, running a dedicated Satisfactory server has probably crossed your mind. Creating a gaming server allows you to host your own game, create your own map with its own unique parameters, and set an admin password to improve security and gameplay.  The Satisfactory dedicated server setup process isn’t complex, but it … Read more

August’s Best WordPress Tweets | Nexcess

What can we say about August? Kids are getting ready for the new school year. We’re all saying “aargh” between the humidity and International Pirate Month. Everyone’s looking forward to that sweet, sweet three-day weekend coming up for Labor Day. We also celebrated at WordCampUS in Maryland. Let’s keep cool by checking out the best … Read more

Looking for dedicated or colo tutorials

For comprehensive tutorials on dedicated server hosting or colocation services, you can explore reputable online platforms like hosting provider websites, tech forums, or tutorial websites specializing in server management and data center operations. These resources offer step-by-step guides, videos, and articles to help you understand and navigate the complexities of dedicated server hosting and colocation … Read more

10 WordPress Event Management Plugins

Everyone loves a party, but organizing one takes work. There are a lot of factors to consider when planning an event: registration, ticketing, payments, etc. The larger the event, the more complicated it is to manage. Whether you’re an event planner, a business expanding your offerings, or a venue looking to improve customer experience, using … Read more

NVMe Dedicated Server: Pros and Cons Explained

The bright minds of the IT industry are constantly evolving and innovating to keep up with modern society. Cloud computing, edge computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all revolutionary tools that completely disrupt how we work and play in the digital world. Recently, however, technology has taken its next big leap. Enter non-volatile … Read more

Women in Technology: Alissa Castillo

Liquid Web’s Support Technician III in the Managed Apps Support department, Alissa Castillo, on why she loves solving problems for customers, what motivates her, and her hopes for the future of women in tech. “Being very empathetic naturally, I think, has also helped me with providing good customer service and wanting to make sure our … Read more

Boost Your Office Productivity with the Latest Software and Tech

Section 1: Transforming the Office Experience Technology has revolutionized the way we work and has made the office environment more efficient and productive than ever before. With the latest software and tech advancements, businesses can streamline their operations, collaborate seamlessly, and stay ahead of the competition. One of the most significant changes in office technology … Read more