How to Enable TLS 1.3 on Windows, Limux, Mac, Apache & NGINX

Enabling TLS 1.3 on various platforms and web servers requires different steps. Below is a step-by-step guide to enabling TLS 1.3 on Windows, Linux, Mac, Apache, and Nginx: Windows Please note that Windows already has TLS 1.3 support starting from Windows 10 version 20170, and Windows Server version 20170. All you have to do is … Read more

10 Shopify Alternatives to Consider for Your Ecommerce Site

The time has never been better for opening your online store. With over 5 billion people connected to the internet globally, it’s no surprise that more people are shopping online. In fact, ecommerce is projected to account for 20.2 percent of all retail sales in 2023. This means that out of every $100 consumers will … Read more

Free RDP – Free RDP Servers Hosting for Lifetime Access

Listen up! If you’re on the hunt for a top-notch, budget-friendly Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service, is the real deal. They’re offering free RDP servers for as long as you live! In this super cool article, we’ll dive into all the awesome stuff about, what makes them unique, and how they beat out … Read more

Analyzing Website Performance to Make Upgrade Decisions

Online platforms helped businesses sustain themselves during the pandemic when customers couldn’t shop at physical stores. Big and small businesses invested money in social media marketing, which helped drive people to their ecommerce stores. But with more people shopping online, companies need to analyze their website performance and create a plan to stand out in … Read more

How to attract clients from YouTube for your web hosting business?

1. Create content prospects want to watch: If your potential customer doesn’t want to watch the first video, they certainly won’t want to watch the second, third, or tenth video. Create content that potential customers will find useful. 2. Just answer the question: Your prospect is looking for solution on YouTube so don’t try to … Read more

Nexcess Launches Cloudflare-Powered CDN to Accelerate Load Times

The built-in, integrated CDN utilizes Cloudflare’s 280+ points of presence worldwide to lower latency and save bandwidth ATLANTA, GA. August 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nexcess, the premium hosting provider optimized for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento, today announced the launch of an integrated CDN powered by Cloudflare and available free of charge for all Nexcess fully … Read more

Do I have a good dedicated server for the price?

I recently took over doing purchasing for a company that has a website with 100,000 weekly visitors. The company pays a dedicated server provider that charges $850 per quarter. I keep hearing that this price is too high but I don’t really know. Good price or bad price? I’m just not knowledgeable about these things. … Read more

9 Best WordPress Page Builders in 2024 [Reviewed + Compared]

WordPress page builders are website creation tools that let you create, edit, and customize the layout of your website without writing any code. Website builders have greatly improved in recent years and now include numerous features that simplify website creation. They’re also helpful for creating client websites. We’ve collected and reviewed top contenders to help … Read more

How to allow to pay directly with credit card?

Some suggestions for you would be: These are two of the more popular ones for many webhosts. I would choose 2co for their customer service, low cost to implement and no monthly charge. Now if you begin processing large amounts of credit cards it might be cheaper to pay a monthly processing fee … Read more

Top 5 features of web hosting support every business needs

Whether you’re an IT giant like Amazon or any other large organization, website issues can cost a fortune. And the repercussions aren’t limited to financial losses—they can also undermine customer trust and lead to missed business opportunities.  To avoid such situations, you need to look for a web hosting provider that offers top-quality support.  But … Read more