SSD Cloud Server: What It Is and How It Works

Key points An SSD is a storage device that retains data in flash memory as opposed to a magnetic-based system like a hard disk drive, and an SSD cloud server is a virtual machine that uses solid-state drives for storage. An SSD cloud server is created using virtualization and cloud computing technology. Benefits of an … Read more

How To Conduct Competitor Research Analysis

Focusing on the needs of your target customers is par for the course when you’re growing an ecommerce business, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore your competitors. After all, if a dozen or so other ecommerce businesses are serving those same needs, how will you stand out from the crowd? That’s a … Read more

The benefits and challenges of multi-cloud management

Key points Multi-cloud management involves utilizing cloud services from different providers. This differs from hybrid cloud in that hybrid cloud combines private and public cloud services into a single infrastructure. Benefits of multi-cloud management include improved security, optimized spending, and availability and scalability. Challenges include complexity, security concerns, integration challenges, need for skilled personnel, network … Read more

Node.js on VPS: Your complete guide

Picture this: a dynamic and responsive web application powered by Node.js, running on your very own server with complete control and flexibility. Sound like something you might be interested in? Node.js has emerged as a popular open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside a web browser. This versatile tool enables developers to … Read more

How To Improve Magento Product Search

If you’re a high-traffic ecommerce retailer, your online storefront is your bread and butter, and its performance drives earning potential. And if you use Magento, there are many ways to optimize your store and its performance. One way to improve your ecommerce website’s performance — in turn improving metrics like traffic, conversions, and revenue —  … Read more

An insider’s look at the 10 best WooCommerce filter plugins

As it comes, WooCommerce provides five basic filtering options for products: popularity, average rating, latest, lowest price, and highest price. Although this works fine for stores offering a few items, more is needed for stores with more extensive product catalogs. Enter WooCommerce filter plugins.  Product filter plugins enable shoppers to browse your catalog and quickly … Read more

How to Set Up an Instagram Store in 2024

Looking to set up an Instagram store for your ecommerce business but not sure how to go about it? You’ve come to the right place. According to Instagram, 130 million users tap on shopping posts on the platform every month to learn more about products. And businesses that include product tags on their posts, reels, … Read more

Exploring the world of hybrid and multi-cloud solutions

Are you pondering over hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, wondering which option would best meet your technological needs? Choosing the right path in the cloud landscape can significantly boost your IT infrastructure’s flexibility, cost-efficiency, and redundancy. Given the multitude of choices, aligning your decisions with your unique workload requirements and data security needs is vital. This … Read more