Introducing Cloud Studio | Liquid Web

Cloud Studio is a dynamic suite of self-managed cloud solutions designed to give you the flexibility to scale your resources effortlessly. It involves two independent items: Cloud VPS and Cloud Metal. Cloud VPS offers the agility of virtual private servers, while Cloud Metal conveys the top performance of bare metal resources for your server. This … Read more

The Best DDoS Protection for Enterprise Websites

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are a pressing concern every year, especially for enterprises. In 2022, global DDoS attacks rose by 150%. In the Americas, that number rose even faster – 212%. These attacks are increasing in frequency and severity, plaguing enterprise websites with poor performance. In the worst-case scenario, DDoS attacks can sabotage your revenue … Read more

Server Redundancy for Uninterrupted Business Operations

In an era where the virtual realm intertwines seamlessly with our daily lives, the stability and accessibility of digital services stand as pillars of paramount importance. Imagine a scenario where an eCommerce platform experiences an unexpected server crash during a peak shopping season or a cloud-based application encounters downtime just as users attempt to access … Read more

Understanding the Importance of Cloud Security

Cloud computing has become an essential part of the modern business landscape. It offers a number of advantages, including scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. However, as organizations move their data and applications to the cloud, data breaches and cyber threats have become increasingly prevalent.  That’s why understanding and implementing effective cloud security measures is no longer … Read more

Magento tutorial for beginners: Install, configure, and sell

Magento caters to ecommerce developers and enterprise merchants — an audience with advanced ecommerce needs. If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably start off intimidated by the platform’s technical capabilities. However, you’ll discover that Magento is extensible, flexible, and user-friendly. That’s why top ecommerce brands like Marie Claire, Accent Group, and HP have adopted it. Whether … Read more

How to Attract and Manage Product Reviews in Magento 2

A 2023 survey by PowerReviews reveals that 77 percent of U.S. shoppers read reviews before buying products, and 91 percent seek out these reviews on retail websites. The study further reveals that 74 percent of online shoppers read reviews to learn about products they’ve never bought. Moreover, Google features customer review guidelines prominently in its … Read more