Top 5 features of web hosting support every business needs

Whether you’re an IT giant like Amazon or any other large organization, website issues can cost a fortune. And the repercussions aren’t limited to financial losses—they can also undermine customer trust and lead to missed business opportunities.  To avoid such situations, you need to look for a web hosting provider that offers top-quality support.  But … Read more

The Easy Way to Switch a Domain to a New Host [4 Steps]

Registering your domain name with a domain registrar is essential during website creation. However, as your business grows, your domain hosting requirements can also change. You might want to cut down costs or require better customer service. Your current hosting provider might not be able to accommodate all of your needs. In such cases, you … Read more

The Top 10 Private Cloud Providers of 2024

Cloud services have become integral to enterprise operations; nearly two-thirds of all app software spending will be cloud-based by 2025. Business owners increasingly rely on the cloud to store their data, build their apps, run their websites, and form their operational foundation. To implement this growing trend and land on your feet, selecting the right … Read more

5 Ways To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

Your WordPress dashboard is the centralized control area of your entire website. It lets you create new posts, change themes, add plugins, and manage your website as an admin. However, every website is different, so your admin dashboard must be unique. A customized admin dashboard enables you to add relevant functionalities and remove features you … Read more

VMware Cloud Automation: What You Need to Know

Key points VMware cloud automation refers to a set of tools and features inside VMware that helps businesses automate cloud deployment for their business needs. Benefits of using VMware cloud automation include accelerated time to market, higher productivity, and easier compliance. VMware cloud automation relies on multiple tools in the VMware Aria Automation platform. These … Read more

10 Magento & Magento 2 Automation Tools and Tips

Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of monotonous tasks when you’d rather focus on growing your online store? Here’s some good news: Magento automation can help you streamline repetitive tasks, simplify operations, and boost productivity. You can automate everything from product management and email marketing to your DevOps workflows. All you need is … Read more

The Benefits of Managed Magento Support

Want to provide the best Magento service for your eCommerce clients? Currently, there are more than 146,000 Magento stores on the Internet. Many of these store owners face performance, security, and scaling issues when managing their Magento websites.  As a service partner, you can help clients mitigate these issues through managed Magento support services. You … Read more

Exploring the Nexcess Southfield Data Center

Dedicated data centers come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your needs as a business. Some companies build their IT infrastructure while others rent or lease. But have you ever wondered what’s truly in a dedicated data center? Depending on its type and tier, its features and functionality may differ. Here, you’ll learn about … Read more

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud: What You Need To Know

With an enterprise hybrid cloud, organizations can leverage the scalability and cost-effectiveness of public cloud services while retaining control over their data and applications in a private cloud environment. It’s designed to meet all an enterprise business’s cloud computing requirements, eliminating the need to make tradeoffs.  However, what is an enterprise hybrid cloud, and how … Read more

PHP open_basedir: Magento Recommendations From Nexcess

Ecommerce store management has multifaceted challenges you must face to address your customers’ needs. And in some cases, those challenges might involve compromises. One such case is your website’s security and performance. On the one hand, most online shoppers expect ecommerce websites to load in three seconds or less. On the other hand, 18 percent … Read more