What is your preferred live-streaming platform/service?

My preferred live-streaming platform is YouTube Live-Streaming. It is a reliable, user-\\friendly platform that comes with a lot of features. Plus, it is owned and operated by Google, making it highly reliable.
YouTube Live Streaming enables you to broadcast from any device, view subscriber or pay-per-view statistics and more; has high-quality live streaming in HD and even Ultra HDdef 4K with greater 0.5Mbps upstream bandwidth and transport critical features like AES-128/256 encryption and adaptive transcoding to ensure viewers get the best viewing experience; and also has live studio controls that provide producers with the ability to add custom graphics and lower thirds, creating interactive and dynamic live streams. YouTube’s live streaming platform also offers monetization opportunities for streamers who can monetize their streams using AdSense or use it as a way to get revenue for their channel. In addition to YouTube Live-Streaming, I have also tried other streaming platforms such as Twitch, Facebook Live, and OnTheFly. All these options offer similar features and reliability, but what makes me chose YouTube as my preferred platform is the smooth user experience. On YouTube, it is easier to access my channel, upload videos and livestreams, and get insights from analytics.


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