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Cloud Studio is a dynamic suite of self-managed cloud solutions designed to give you the flexibility to scale your resources effortlessly. It involves two independent items: Cloud VPS and Cloud Metal. Cloud VPS offers the agility of virtual private servers, while Cloud Metal conveys the top performance of bare metal resources for your server. This double contribution empowers you to tweak and adjust to your needs, guaranteeing a continuous and proficient distributed computing experience.

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Cloud Metal is a single-tenant server combining cloud flexibility and the power of bare metal. It accommodates a broad scope of requirements, guaranteeing that every one of the assets of an actual server is solely devoted to your needs, ensuring predictable and solid performance.

Unlike traditional dedicated servers, Cloud Metal offers fast provisioning, creating a new server instance from setup to production in just minutes. With the convenience of virtualization and the affordable prices, it simplifies the process of hardware upgrades, allowing you to easily resize the server according to your requirements at a fraction of what you’d pay for the same resources at VPS-only competitors.

It’s an ideal answer for those looking to migrate for cost savings and enhanced features, site owners seeking to expand into dedicated resources without the hassle of migration, and companies launching new products or services that experience increased site traffic. 

How Cloud Metal works

It is essential to understand how Cloud Metal works and its key features so you can choose the best solution for your business. Cloud Metal is part of our Cloud Hosting technology, which utilizes virtual servers that use cloud computing technology to transfer data between servers. It offers extra features over VPS hosting that expand its utility.

Dedicated resources

In Cloud Metal, you enjoy the advantage of exclusive resources dedicated only to you, guaranteeing the reliable and productive performance you desire. With all resources devoted to your tasks, you experience a level of reliability that contributes to optimal performance. This dedicated resource approach means your system operates efficiently without sharing its capacity with others, providing the same results as a physical dedicated server and enhancing your operations’ predictability and speed. It’s a tailored solution that prioritizes your requirements, delivering a dependable computing environment for your specific demands.

Swift provisioning 

Cloud Metal can create a new instance in a matter of minutes by allocating resources based on your requirements without waiting several hours for everything to come together. Say goodbye to the tedious hours of waiting for the entire setup process. With swift provisioning, you can quickly adjust your resources to the situation’s needs, reducing downtime and improving overall operational effectiveness. This expedited procedure guarantees that your system is operational in a timely manner, freeing you to concentrate on important work without being sidetracked by protracted setup procedures.

Easy upgrades 

Unlike traditional dedicated servers that require physical intervention, hardware upgrades are a simple resize away. If a sudden increase in traffic occurs around a new product launch or during holidays and promotions, you can add resources to handle the traffic with just a few clicks.

Benefits of using Cloud Metal

Cloud Metal can be the perfect solution for launching a new product or application that will generate a lot of traffic or if you are just looking to migrate to a more cost-efficient solution. Now that we have checked out how Cloud Metal hosting works, it’s time to take a more in-depth look at a number of the benefits.

New hardware

Our recently refreshed hardware is now positioned at the front line of execution capacities, ensuring that our infrastructure operates with the latest advancements, guaranteeing top-tier performance. 

Well-documented API and Terraform provider

Cloud Studio offers comprehensive instance management and can be easily integrated into any new or existing software application or deployment process because of its flexible infrastructure.

Ability to grow into metal and scale down

As your business grows, your server and its resources can grow to your needs. You can resize from a $5/month single vCPU/1 GB RAM Cloud VPS instance to a roughly $500/month Dual 6226R 128 GB RAM Cloud Metal production server without having to migrate. 

Introducing Cloud VPS

screenshot of Cloud VPS by Liquid Web

Cloud VPS is a build-to-your-needs style VPS product suitable for development work up through production sites and applications. As opposed to Cloud Metal, which is a specific configuration per CPU model, Cloud VPS allows you to choose specific resources. 

Cloud VPS hosting plans use a pay-as-you-go model instead of fixed-rate billing. This grants you the flexibility to dynamically adjust computing resources like CPU cores, RAM, and I/O processes in response to sudden spikes in web traffic, a common challenge shared hosting plans may struggle to handle.

Cloud VPS would be the perfect choice for those looking to develop their applications or sites from scratch, allowing you to manage resource costs effectively and adapt to evolving requirements. Excelling in rapid provisioning, it enables a seamless transition from setup to production in minutes. 

How Cloud VPS works

Using the same virtualization technology, Cloud VPS consists of a virtual private server (VPS) on scalable cloud infrastructure, making it a cost-effective alternative to dedicated server hardware for high-traffic websites, all within the same price range. It is designed to be a powerful unmanaged solution, providing the ideal environment for your development without limitations. You have the option to choose management services if needed, providing additional features that enhance its versatility.

Many granular resources

Unlike Cloud Metal, which has a set setup for each CPU model, Cloud VPS lets you assign CPU, RAM, or storage according to your needs. You may dynamically adjust how you allocate resources with Cloud VPS, which guarantees a hosting environment that is both customized and flexible. With this method, you can more easily and quickly adapt to your applications’ changing needs without being limited by inflexible hardware requirements.

Reacting to traffic changes quickly

Our self-managed portal enables users to immediately react to site traffic changes through fast resizes, allocating the resources based on your needs. You can also scale back if seasonal demands for your site or a product line require fewer resources. Always have the necessary resources for your project at any time.

Fast provisioning 

Like Cloud Metal, our platform for Cloud VPS allows you to create a new instance from setup to production in the shortest time possible, avoiding long waiting times, efficiently adapting your resources to match the moment’s requirements, and reacting to high-traffic needs as quickly as possible.

Benefits of using Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS offers the advantage of adapting to your evolving website traffic needs by allowing you to easily add more processing power, memory, or storage in small incremental steps. This flexibility ensures you can efficiently align your resources with your needs without requiring significant or costly upgrades. This careful approach to pricing and specifications makes Cloud VPS a responsive and cost-effective hosting solution.

Like Cloud Metal, we’ve recently updated the hardware for our Cloud VPS, guaranteeing that your infrastructure remains at the forefront of the industry, and with a well-documented API and Terraform provider allowing you to implement new or existing environments or software to your needs.


You can switch between Cloud VPS and Cloud Metal with a button click, ensuring a seamless transfer. Cloud VPS relieves the burden of selecting the best option for your server. This easy scaling guarantees a flexible and seamless hosting experience, regardless of the size. The user-friendly UI simplifies the process, enabling quick adjustments based on your server needs. This streamlined method relieves the burden of decision-making so you can focus on the critical components of your setup rather than worrying about intricate server selections.

Low entry cost

Our low-cost plans accommodate single application and development usage, with plans as small as 1 vCPU/1 GB RAM Cloud VPS for as little as $5 USD a month, giving you the platform for development work at the most cost-efficient price.

Is Cloud Studio right for you?

Cloud Studio will provide you with complete control and flexibility over your choice. Currently, it comprises two new products, Cloud Metal and Cloud VPS, with each server instantly deployable and customizable to your needs. Cloud Studio is software-flexible, giving you the flexibility to deploy any new or existing application or software.

Cloud Studio is the best option for a wide variety of users with different requirements. It has you covered whether you’re looking to create a new application and need self-managed products to simplify your operations or simply value quick, trouble-free deployment. Cloud Studio provides the flexibility and power you require if you’re a developer looking for a platform to power your CI/CD automation or tech-savvy and picky about your hosting options. Additionally, if you need reliable infrastructure hosting, Cloud Studio offers an affordable option tailored to fulfill your needs successfully. Cloud Studio is the way to go for those looking for a flexible, high-performing, and reasonably-priced hosting option.

Bottom line

Unlike other cloud providers, Liquid Web allows you to opt into the features you need and want, like management and control panel licenses, cutting unnecessary costs and giving you hosting on your terms. Save time and money with a simple managed cloud hosting platform that offers amazing performance and value. 

With its dynamic range of self-managed solutions, which includes Cloud VPS and Cloud Metal, Cloud Studio offers a dynamic cloud experience. Cloud Metal is the best option for those looking for dependable, consistent performance because it provides the power of dedicated physical servers with quick deployment and simple updates. Conversely, Cloud VPS offers an adaptive, build-to-your-needs VPS solution that is ideal for resource management and is flexible and affordable. Granular resource allocation, rapid resizing, and freshly upgraded hardware are features shared by both solutions.

Take a look at our hosting packages right now to get the advantages of Cloud Studio. Cloud Studio offers a solution for developers seeking a smooth transition between Cloud VPS and Cloud Metal and businesses seeking total control and flexibility. Cloud Studio guarantees a seamless and flexible hosting experience catered to your requirements with its affordable entry prices, responsive resizing, and user-friendly interface. For a flexible, powerful, and reasonably-priced hosting service that supports your online endeavors, pick Cloud Studio.

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