Why You Need VMware Performance Monitoring

Virtual machines (VMs) are utilized by 92% of businesses. If you’re reading this, you’re probably more than familiar with these ubiquitous tools — and their limitations. While virtual machines are useful, if not necessary for many enterprises, it’s easy to run into issues like performance bottlenecking and resource overconsumption. This is especially true if you’ve … Read more

All We Learned From State of the Word 2023

Yesterday we got a peek into what’s coming to WordPress in 2024, and it’s more exciting than ever. The most important WordPress event of the year, State of the Word 2024 took place in Madrid and previewed tons of new features and enhancements. Heavily focused on collaboration and community – a core of the WordPress … Read more

Key differences between hosts and servers

The digital world is an intricate web of interconnected systems, seamlessly delivering information and services to billions across the globe. Hosts and servers often emerge as fundamental components, pivotal in facilitating communication and data sharing.  While these terms might seem interchangeable to some, they have distinct meanings and roles in networking and web development. The … Read more

Guide to Magento 2 Multi-Language Store Setup and Extensions

Ecommerce sales are on the rise, with experts forecasting accelerated growth in Asia-Pacific, North American, and Western European countries. In fact, one study expects global ecommerce sales to increase from $5.8 trillion in 2023 to $8.034 trillion by 2027. The trend is clear: Ecommerce is global. And to tap into it, you need a multi-language … Read more

Virtualization vs cloud computing: A comprehensive overview

We often need clarification with virtualization vs cloud computing as they both revolve around creating proper environments from abstract resources. At the same time, there are critical differences between the two technologies.  This guide will explore the technical differences between virtualization and cloud computing to give you a better understanding of them.  What is virtualization? … Read more

5 TikTok Ecommerce Stores That Are Crushing It in 2023

TikTok is no longer just a place for viral and funny videos. It’s now become a dynamic platform for ecommerce stores to market their products, connect with potential customers, and drive sales. According to HubSpot’s 2023 Global Social Media Trends Report, TikTok is among the top five social media networks that provide the highest ROI … Read more

Introducing Cloud Studio | Liquid Web

Cloud Studio is a dynamic suite of self-managed cloud solutions designed to give you the flexibility to scale your resources effortlessly. It involves two independent items: Cloud VPS and Cloud Metal. Cloud VPS offers the agility of virtual private servers, while Cloud Metal conveys the top performance of bare metal resources for your server. This … Read more

13 Ways to Fix a Slow WordPress Admin Dashboard in 2023

Managing your website can be a challenging experience. And it’s not always due to the difficulty of the tasks, but the amount. Besides publishing website content, you must update plugins and WordPress core, delete spam comments, add internal links, and more — and do so regularly. While all of these tasks seem menial, and they … Read more

The Best DDoS Protection for Enterprise Websites

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are a pressing concern every year, especially for enterprises. In 2022, global DDoS attacks rose by 150%. In the Americas, that number rose even faster – 212%. These attacks are increasing in frequency and severity, plaguing enterprise websites with poor performance. In the worst-case scenario, DDoS attacks can sabotage your revenue … Read more

20 Digital Products to Sell in 2023 (& How to Do It!)

The internet gives you access to an extremely large audience. If you’re savvy, you can use that access to earn revenue selling various digital products. This, however, might seem easier said than done, especially when you don’t know what it is you can sell. The good news is you probably don’t have to look far … Read more