The Benefits of Cloud Security Managed Services

Businesses are moving their enterprise networks from in-house infrastructure to the cloud. Using a cloud-based infrastructure allows companies to scale dynamically, reduce downtime, and enable a fully remote workforce. It also helps organizations to reduce their infrastructure cost. Gartner predicts that by 2026, 75% of businesses will adopt a cloud-based digital transformation model. They’ll store … Read more

Top Tools You Can Use for Magento Fraud Protection

Ecommerce fraud is a serious issue. According to Statista, online retailers across the world lost a total of $41 billion to payment fraud in 2022. While you may think banks are on the hook for reimbursing fraudulent purchases, that’s not always the case. When customers order online, there’s increased risk because they’re not physically handing … Read more

Network Security vs Cybersecurity: Differences and Similarities

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and digital connectivity, the paramount importance of securing sensitive information, preserving the integrity of systems, and mitigating potential risks cannot be overstated.  The terms network security and cybersecurity are often used interchangeably, yet they encapsulate distinct realms of defense against the multifaceted landscape of digital threats. Although both … Read more

5 Fastest Magento Hosting Providers in 2023

Magento offers speed-enhancing features like Varnish caching, a performance-optimized operation mode, and resource file optimization. But the truth is that no amount of JavaScript bundling or CSS minification can compensate for a slow hosting environment. So whether you’re planning to build a new Magento store or optimize your existing one, choosing a fast Magento hosting … Read more

High Performance Cloud Computing: An Overview

Some companies devote entire floors to nothing but servers to create enough computing power to run their operations. High performance computing (HPC) is a practice that enables organizations to solve large computational problems at high speeds by bringing together multiple computers that produce more computing power than a regular, standalone computer. The cloud changes all … Read more

How to Use The Events Calendar on WooCommerce

Direct customer interaction fosters brand loyalty. Customers, after all, crave in-person and real-time engagement. As such, events — both offline and online — play a vital role in helping ecommerce businesses build customer relationships and generate revenue. According to Freeman’s 2023 Trust Report, 77 percent of customers trust a brand more after participating in a … Read more

Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Making the Right Choice

Cloud computing has transformed the way businesses operate by providing organizations with enhanced control, flexibility, and security. As businesses seek to leverage the transformative power of cloud technology, the debate between public, private, and hybrid clouds has gained prominence. These various cloud computing models pose a serious challenge for enterprises trying to decipher which type … Read more

September’s Best WordPress Tweets | Nexcess

Some of us are not looking forward to the impending winter. People are closing up pools, gearing up for school picture day, and planning their awesome Halloween decorations for next month. Now that we’re officially done with summer, let’s take a look at the best tweets of September 2023. All good things Ali Demrici compared … Read more

Dedicated vs Non-Dedicated Servers for ARK

ARK: Survival Evolved is a sci-fi, dinosaur-era survival game available on PC. The game is notable for its feature-rich gameplay and expansive game worlds that challenge players with different biomes to survive in. The title’s developer, Studio Wildcard, provides various modifications and plugins for users to take advantage of. With so many plugins, mods, and … Read more

How To Resell Hosting | Start a WordPress Reseller Business

The market for web hosting has absolutely exploded in recent years. According to data published by Statista, global revenue for web hosting is projected to reach $90.42 billion in 2023. By 2027, that number is expected to skyrocket to $144.40 billion. So what’s driving this incredible growth? The short answer: the demand for websites. Siteefy … Read more