How to host your own website

Has your website outgrown the confines of shared hosting? As businesses expand and evolve, the limitations of shared hosting can become glaringly apparent. Slow load times, limited customization options, and the risk of sharing server space with potentially malicious websites are just a few of the downsides.  If you find yourself in this predicament, it … Read more

How to Start an Ecommerce Business in 6 Simple Steps

Are you still not taking advantage of the 80 percent of the U.S. population who shop online? We get it. It can be a challenge for any business — purely digital or brick-and-mortar — to break into the digital shopping arena. But if you don’t, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to scale your … Read more

VPS setup guide: 6 steps to configure your server

Businesses, no matter their size, are relying more and more on technology to meet their operational needs, seeking a reliable and efficient hosting environment to accommodate their websites and applications in a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective manner. This is why virtual private servers (VPS) are becoming increasingly popular as a hosting solution. However, setting up … Read more

Magento History: From Early Versions to Enterprise Ecommerce

Magento is a direct response to the needs of ambitious merchants whose visions outpaced the capabilities of a pioneer ecommerce solution, osCommerce. Unbeknownst to Magento’s founders, their fledgling open-source software would become a global ecommerce powerhouse. Fast-forward to 11 years after its release: It sold in a landmark deal with a Fortune 500 company for … Read more

XMAS Early Deals – 75% Off – Now in Mumbai, India!

ResellerWiz submitted a new product: ♥ XMAS Early Deals ♥ 75% Off ♥ Now in Mumbai, India! ♥ – High Performance cPanel Hosting SimpleSonic –> We Make Fast… Easy! Christmas 2023 Savings!!! Now Available in Mumbai, India!!! Order a qualifying… Click to expand… XMAS Early Deals – 75% Off – Now in Mumbai, India! Source … Read more

Why You Need VMware Performance Monitoring

Virtual machines (VMs) are utilized by 92% of businesses. If you’re reading this, you’re probably more than familiar with these ubiquitous tools — and their limitations. While virtual machines are useful, if not necessary for many enterprises, it’s easy to run into issues like performance bottlenecking and resource overconsumption. This is especially true if you’ve … Read more

All We Learned From State of the Word 2023

Yesterday we got a peek into what’s coming to WordPress in 2024, and it’s more exciting than ever. The most important WordPress event of the year, State of the Word 2024 took place in Madrid and previewed tons of new features and enhancements. Heavily focused on collaboration and community – a core of the WordPress … Read more

Error Editing Files in WordPress Theme File Editor?

To resolve the WordPress theme editor issue, consider increasing the PHP memory limit in your server’s configuration or by editing the wp-config.php file. Additionally, using FTP or SFTP to upload theme file changes is a reliable alternative if the error persists.   Source link

Key differences between hosts and servers

The digital world is an intricate web of interconnected systems, seamlessly delivering information and services to billions across the globe. Hosts and servers often emerge as fundamental components, pivotal in facilitating communication and data sharing.  While these terms might seem interchangeable to some, they have distinct meanings and roles in networking and web development. The … Read more