Enterprise Network Security: 10 Best Practices

The average cost of a data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million. That’s a 15% increase from 2020 and a concerning trend for enterprises since they have extensive networks that are highly targeted.  That’s part of the reason enterprises are investing heavily in network security. A 2022 security spending benchmark report shows that companies in … Read more

How To Install WordPress on Localhost [5 Steps] (2024)

There are several ways to install WordPress locally on your computer, but all of them have one core thing in common – you’ll need a localhost environment. This guide will explain what a localhost WordPress installation refers to and why it’s useful. Next, you’ll discover which WordPress localhost environment is best for your operating system. … Read more

How To Effectively Reduce Technical Debt

Technical debt is the consequence of poor or sub-optimal software development processes. Understanding technical debt is crucial for any development team or enterprise striving for efficiency and quality. This guide will demystify the concept of technical debt. We’ll tell you the main types and causes, how to identify them, and, most importantly, strategies to effectively … Read more

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Demystifying backup servers: A complete guide

Data is the lifeblood of businesses; it fuels decision-making, drives innovation, and underpins the very essence of an organization’s existence. Unfortunately, the potential risks of data loss, whether due to hardware failures, data corruption, human errors, or the ever-looming threat of cyberattacks, have become too significant to ignore. That’s why protecting data against potential threats … Read more

How to Edit a Footer in WordPress: Step-By-Step

Your website is the digital face of your company. It’s your most valuable tool in shaping your organization’s online image. It’s essential to ensure each page is the best it can be, from header to footer. That’s why knowledge of how to edit a footer in WordPress is so valuable. This knowledge enables you to … Read more


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A guide to bandwidth hosting

When it comes to web hosting, one important aspect that often comes into consideration is bandwidth allocation. In simple terms, bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be transferred between a website and its visitors within a specific time frame. It is a critical factor in determining the performance and accessibility of your … Read more