40 Best Ecommerce Website Examples for 2023

As more business is conducted online, effective ecommerce website design is key to growing your brand.

Customers all over the world turn to online stores for their convenience and abundance of options. If an ecommerce website is well-designed and easy to use, you’re much more likely to see those customers purchase month after month.

No matter which type of ecommerce business you have, strong design is a must. Let’s look at some tips and examples of ecommerce websites using effective design to drive business to their online stores.

Keep reading to see some of the top ecommerce sites, their website designs, and their use of ecommerce website best practices, or use the links below to jump ahead.

Ecommerce Website Design Tips

No matter the industry or business model, maintaining a sleek, professional, and user-friendly online experience should be a top priority.

Whether you’re an ecommerce veteran or a beginner looking to build an online store, there are a few design elements to keep in mind that will help you achieve the most effective site possible. Here are our top four tips for creating the best ecommerce website design for your business.

Easy Navigation

When setting up your ecommerce website, try to create a website that’s easy to navigate from the homepage all the way to your checkout screen. An intuitive design can make even the biggest ecommerce websites seem simple.

Helpful tools here will be drop-down menus, effective headers, and redirect links. Try to keep scrolling to a minimum to prevent customers from losing their place. Think of storing products in convenient categories and keeping landing pages as simple as possible.

Optimize for Mobile

Mobile is king. Perhaps one of the most important ecommerce business tips is the focus on mobile-optimized sites. If your ecommerce site is incomplete, slow, or illegible on mobile devices, you’ll lose potential customers at an alarming rate.

When you optimize your site for mobile users, there are two main benefits: your customers will be able to effortlessly interact with your products and your SEO will improve.

Google has and will continue to take a mobile-first indexing approach to determine SEO ranking placements—basically, if your online store accommodates mobile devices, you’ll have a better opportunity to appear when prospective customers type your product type into the search bar.

Impactful Homepage

The best ecommerce websites have eye-catching and user-friendly homepages. Most users decide whether to stay on a website within the first couple seconds of the homepage loading.

Some elements of a successful ecommerce homepage include high-resolution photography, a cohesive color palette, unique and accessible typography, and clear branding. Lifestyle photographs that highlight your goods or services in action can bring your brand to life.

You can easily do this using ecommerce website templates that have user-friendly features built-in.

Enable Conversions

Conversion is one of the more important ecommerce terms to know. Conversion rates measure how well you convert site visitors into paying customers.

At each step of the way, give your users the opportunity to place items in their cart and check out quickly. Set up your online store with abandoned cart reminders and notifications when customers leave items without checking out. Allow users plenty of opportunities to interact with your site and get on your mailing list.

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Well-Designed Ecommerce Website Examples

We’ve covered the importance of web design in ecommerce and some helpful tips to keep in mind. But perhaps the most fruitful ideas for your online business will come when you see effective ecommerce website examples in action.

Here’s a list of 16 online store examples that create a memorable user experience.

1. Buffy

Buffy is a great example of how to market your ecommerce website as a rapidly growing company. Buffy’s comforters, sheets, and pillows take center stage in its site’s photography. The rounded edge of the letters in their typography gives off a nostalgic, soft, and “comfy” feel, a hallmark of their brand voice.

Simplicity and focus on a slim but growing line of products makes for a great website design from this eco-friendly bedding company.

2. Prose

Prose sells custom hair care products for customers looking to build an effective hair care regimen. Prose is the perfect example of an ecommerce website that leads with conversions and leverages customer interaction.

Their repeated call-to-action of “Get Your Formula” leads customers to a simple, clear, and valuable quiz that allows them to see what hair routine they would most benefit from. Prose’s use of models with all different hair types ensures no customer feels left out.

3. Bombas

Bombas started with socks and grew to include T-shirts and other types of clothing accessories. Their online shopping homepage showcases their flagship product, Bombas socks. While you may be eager to bring attention to your newest products, showcasing your most popular product is the best way to capitalize off existing brand awareness.

As a growing ecommerce business, take note of how other companies are expanding their product lines and incorporating them into their web design.

4. Toms

Toms’ shoes very famously started with a mission to not only sell shoes but also provide shoes to those in need. From a small start-up, Toms grew to be one of the most recognizable shoe companies in the world.

You’ll notice in their web design they still find ways to incorporate simple graphics that reinforce their mission and, in turn, their brand. Pictured on their homepage, you’ll see a black and white ribbon reading “1/3 OF PROFITS FOR GRASSROOTS GOOD.” When creating your online store, find ways to incorporate clear messaging like this that reinforces your story.

5. JetBoil

Your ideal webshop design should reflect the look or feel of your products.

JetBoil does just that with a simple and memorable color palette. JetBoil’s fuel tanks and many of its other products are black with orange and white accents. As you can see in their web design, they’ve chosen a black background with white text and orange accents. It’s the perfect way to give your website the personality of your product.

6. Dyson

Dyson’s ecommerce website design is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, unlike Bombas, Dyson has grown into such a familiar brand that they’ve chosen to focus their homepage on new products instead of their bellwether vacuum cleaners. Once your business is big enough, you may not need to lean on your existing lines to prop up new product launches.

Dyson also uses moving imagery instead of photography. On their homepage pictured above, a woman is actively demonstrating their new flat iron as the camera flips from various close-ups on the product in use. Video imagery on your homepage can be an eye-catching feature for online businesses trying to make a lasting impression.

7. Kajabi

Kajabi is a great example of what types of digital products to sell in ecommerce and how to market them effectively using web design.

Kajabi sells course-building software for entrepreneurs looking to create and sell online courses. As you can see, their web design is sleek, professional, and informative. You’ll notice Kajabi showcases their free trial and demonstration. If you’re selling digital products or services, customers who are offered a free trial are much more likely to convert into paying subscribers.

8. Allbirds

Allbirds is another example of an ecommerce website design that leverages its mission to drive business. Even in their sparse text, they choose to call attention to the eco-friendly nature of their shoes.

By incorporating outdoor photography of their products in use, they connect their environmental mission to their customer. Plus, Allbirds’ site is simple and easy to navigate.

9. BarkBox

BarkBox has capitalized on the popular ecommerce trend of subscription boxes. What started with grooming products from companies like Dollar Shave Club has evolved into a major industry with companies like Stitch Fix, BirchBox, and Scentbird staking their claim.

BarkBox’s ecommerce website design prioritizes conversion by offering how-to tutorials, free offers, and discounted subscriptions. Users unfamiliar with the subscription box trend can easily click through the process of selecting their themed boxes for each month.

10. MVMT

No matter what type of ecommerce business you run, your homepage should always showcase your goods or services in a clear, impactful way. That’s exactly what MVMT has done with their homepage.

A variety of both men’s and women’s watches are pictured in a way that resembles a display case. Immediately you get a feel for the different options of watches available to you while still maintaining a simple, cohesive feel.

11. Bloomscape

Bloomscape sells plants and plant care tools, and their website content is focused on making gardening accessible. For beginner plant owners, Bloomscape features video clips of how their products ship and how to care for plants. The video clips keep users engaged and interested in Bloomscape’s products.

The use of white background compliments the vibrant greens from their plant selection. As a business owner, you can almost never go wrong with high-resolution photographs of your products up against a white background.

12. Purple

The best ecommerce websites establish a value proposition. A value proposition is an innovative or unique aspect of your product that can win customers. Purple is a prime example.

Their ecommerce website leans on their colorful name and product, they call attention to their grid technology that makes their mattresses so comfortable. By using photos and videos of what’s actually inside their products, customers begin to understand what makes a specific product in a saturated market so special.

13. Snarky Tea

Snarky Tea is a growing brand featuring teas for detox and other wellness benefits. They effectively use media callouts on their homepage, citing appearances on Shark Tank, Bravo, and in Vogue.

As a growing business, make sure to incorporate media presence into your ecommerce website design as a form of social proof. If visitors to your site see a name they recognize, they will be more likely to trust your brand (and convert into a paying customer!).

14. DJI

DJI is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of civilian drones, a rapidly growing trend. Their innovative ecommerce website design features stunning photography and video footage.

Most of the video footage used on their website has been taken by DJI drones, which is a great way to show prospective customers what they can expect from their products. Users get a feel for how the products function and which drones take different kinds of footage. It’s hard to visit this site and not want a drone.

15. Oura

Oura is a phenomenal example of a simple ecommerce website that highlights one specific product. The Oura Ring tracks your sleep quality and can monitor many important health indicators.

The use of deep blues and sleek typography gives off a feeling of relaxation and comfort, which is ideal for customers seeking better sleep.

16. Ritual

Ritual makes vitamins simple, and their website reflects that. Ritual’s webshop design is characterized by bold, bright yellows. Their close-up photos of their vitamins leave users wanting to reach out and touch them. Evoking a tactile experience in your imagery can be a great design technique.

Different Types of Design Elements for Ecommerce Stores

When you are learning how to build an ecommerce website, keep in mind that the ideal ecommerce website design is a combination of different design elements that come together to visualize your company’s purpose. To call attention to your products or services, take the following design elements into account when working on your site:

  • Structure and layout
  • High-resolution photography
  • Optimized video content
  • Unique, legible typography
  • Clear, concise copy
  • Persistent, relevant calls-to-action

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