Do I have a good dedicated server for the price?

I recently took over doing purchasing for a company that has a website with 100,000 weekly visitors. The company pays a dedicated server provider that charges $850 per quarter. I keep hearing that this price is too high but I don’t really know.

Good price or bad price? I’m just not knowledgeable about these things. Can you please help?

Here are the specs:

Gen4 Ded Self-Managed Linux – 4C/32 GB – SSD – 1 quarter(s)

4 CPU cores
1.23% / 100%

7.36GB / 32GB

Disk space – RAID 1
20GB / 500GB

AlmaLinux 8 (cPanel)

1000 mb/sec is port speed

Bandwidth is not measured

Server is in USA

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